Aubusson craftsmanship

The exception of Aubusson tapestry is linked to the community of resources on the territory and the interaction of the whole range of know-how, from meadows to galleries.

Since the weaving tradition was established in Aubusson, the territory concentrates actors of the textile arts / woven art field Depuis l'établissement de la tradition de tissage à Aubusson-Felletin, la région concentre un vivier d’acteurs arts textiles / art tissé, federated by Aubusson tapestry, its "brand", its "world" : wool production, spinning, dying, weaving, restoration, digital weaving, etc. 

Their simultaneous presence alongside with the preservation of traditional craftsmanships, was considered rare and relevant by UNESCO when inscribing Aubusson tapestry on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.