Calls for creation

Blink # 0

Benjamin Hochart, 2nd Prize – 2010 Call for contemporary creation

Benjamin Hochart received the second price 2010 of the Cité internationale for his work Blink#0. The wool weaving was realized by the Ateliers Pinton in Felletin. Size of each piece 155 cm x 220 cm.

Blink#0 is a work, entirely adjustable, movable and nomadic. Benjamin Hochart imagined his triptych, in a way it could be hanged to the wall or left on the floor, reminding then the dimensions of the Aubusson tapestry, both monumental and domestic. The pieces of the triptych can be presented four-ways as well, because they are still readable, whatever the reading sense is. They can be exposed simultaneously or separately to better adapt the space and the architecture. Blink#0 is a work skillfully merging weaving art and space art, in coherence with the essence of the Aubusson tapestry. Benjamin Hochart proposes a serial work extremely structured. For the three pieces of Blink#0, the background is the same. It is a question of a drawing realized for the cover of the third number of Roven magazine, a critical periodical on contemporary drawing. A black form can be found as well, which creates the coherence of the series, on the three pieces. The artist builds his drawings on the mind-map scheme, which is a mental drawing aiming to offer both a detailed vision and an overview of a subject. This constantly evolving tool allows ranking the transmitted information, to put it in order. Thus, each form leads to the following, from the center to the outskirt.

He follows also a very codified method, which he developed in 2007. This method, called “dodecaphonic” in reference to Schönberg’s atonal music, allows him to define a “structure, which acts as a music score.” Thus, the drawing is an interpretation, in the musical sense of the term. His creation work is limited because, before beginning to draw, Benjamin Hochart sets the pencils he is about to use in a specific order. He begins his work in the center of the sheet with the first pencil, which he would take back, only after using all the others, one after the other.

Benjamin Hochart is born in 1982. He has graduated the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Lyon and teaches at the Superior School of Art in Cherbourg. He is represented by the Martine and Thibault de la Châtre gallery in Paris.